The Real Person Behind the Resume

Apparently a global hiring manager and I share the same candidate screening philosophy!  A big part of my daily work is to individually review all of the many incoming resumes to decide which applicants we will schedule for interviews here.  I have to keep in mind the same thing that I tell my clients - the resume is NOT the person; it's just a piece of paper.

I love the advice in this article telling us not to judge someone if you don't know their story.  It's so important to me for clients to realize that by the time we refer someone for an opening, we have met that candidate and we DO know their story!  A big benefit of using us to identify someone for your office is that you are not working from a resume but from first-hand knowledge of a real, live person.  If you are the real, live person you also benefit from having an advocate for why you should be considered.

Melissa Ottavi, Certified Staffing Professional