Silver Medal Candidates

A recent Wall Street Journal article does a wonderful job of describing our efforts to highlight viable candidates who might not be on the top step of the podium.  While everyone loves a winner, employers are beginning to realize that in a tight labor market there are winners in the silver medal and even bronze medal candidates.

Where you might have previously passed on a candidate who looked like an 80% match, to stay competitive and fill seats you are wise to take two different looks at such a competitor:  First, could you realistically commit to some training that would not only produce a more effective worker but would have the additional benefit of creating loyalty?  Secondly, could you look elsewhere in your organization to see if there is another role where the candidate could benefit your bottom line?

This kind of thinking isn't just for the Olympics, as the article's author states. Let's watch those wonderful sporting events and apply what we learn not just to our personal lives but to our business setting as well.

Melissa Ottavi, Certified Staffing Professional