It doesn't happen here very often, but we got a new team member!  And not just any team member but a second-generation one...  

Katie Rhoade, a graduate of Bethel College with a Business degree, joined my staff in January.  If her name is a little bit familiar to you, it might be because she has done many summer assignments for us over the years (for some of you reading this); and she is the daughter of Personnel Partners'  founder Joan Rhoade.  Katie had already been out working in the community in a full-time capacity, but circumstances came together in a  unique way that made it obvious she should join the company now.

There will be no silver spoon for this one; in addition to seeing the other side as a temporary employee, Katie will start here in a support position called Office & Placement Administrator.  In that role, she will assist with nearly everything that we do.  You will talk to her regularly as she handles scheduling, payroll, and recruiting while managing the phones here.  We know she will make us super fast and efficient with her millennial skills.

Margaret Burns, CSP, Area Manager