"One and Done" Hiring

Like you and your HR department, I spend a great deal of my week hiring employees and constantly looking for the best possible methods to do so.   I recently read an article stating that over half of hiring managers have "little or no confidence" in application and resume reviews, even though they still try to make decisions on which applicants to consider based on both.  I can empathize.  Not surprisingly, the two preferred methods of screening were meeting someone in person and being able to perform skills assessments. (You can read that article yourself here.)

The article was not written to promote staffing services in any way but wow, did I love the way it leads to this obvious fact:  You could drastically cut your hiring time and improve your odds of success if you jumped straight to a candidate who was already both interviewed and tested.

That's what we provide!  I am passionate about getting clients to understand and trust the value of the screening that is already done when you meet a candidate we refer to you.  In case you need more motivation than just my words, I've created a chance for you to get the first day free on a job order filled using this special deal:  One & Done.

Margaret Burns, Area Manager