If You Could See What I See

When I started in this business, I was famous for ringing a cowbell to show the excitement of a great job order.  These days, I would sometimes like to ring that bell when I interview a great candidate instead.  It takes a lot of digging to find the best gems!

We eliminate many poor applications immediately and some additional candidates after interviewing them, so it's fair to say that everyone made Active in our files is a viable candidate for a client somewhere.  The skills testing available to me backs up my natural pickiness about who is suited to what.  If you could see what I see in the file of every Active candidate, you would understand both my enthusiasm and logic when I make a referral to you.

Looking forward to doing the first round of your interviewing and providing facts and recommendations like this one!  Click here to get me started.

Melissa Ottavi, Certified Staffing Professional