Help Me Get You the "Yes"

My team sometimes hears me spout a famous Jerry Maguire movie line while working on a job order - "Help me help you!"  I take a lot of pride in choosing referrals for you who are the right match because I know both parties so well.  But we both know that is only half the battle these days - we need to get that good candidate to say "Yes" to your job offer or temporary assignment. 

When we take a job order, we ask you to identify some selling points for working at your organization.  Successful matches happen not only because the right person with the right skill set came along at the right time, but because that person understands what you are about and wants to be a part of it.  We use the knowledge of your company goals and mission to make the best referrals possible, knowing that sometimes the cultural fit is even more important than the skills or experience.

There is one more part of the hiring process where it matters what you share with the new employee.  To help things get started on the right foot on the very first day of a job, we created an Orientation Checklist for our clients' use.  Both clients and employees who have gone through this checklist together have given it rave reviews.  You can see that checklist here.

And by the way, a selling point for working for me is surely the entertainment value of my talking-to-myself-out-loud habits!  We try to keep it fun around here.

Margaret Burns, Area Manager