We Believe in Skipping Steps

Actually, that would be you doing the skipping.  

When you have a staffing order, you can skip a lot of steps: ads, resumes, phone calls, emails, interviews, comparisons. Those are the things we are doing all day long, so that candidates we refer are already a match for your need.

It’s a fast-moving world out there, and good candidates fly off the market overnight. Skip the hard part, and go straight to the finish line by calling us.

The Real Person Behind the Resume

Apparently a global hiring manager and I share the same candidate screening philosophy!  A big part of my daily work is to individually review all of the many incoming resumes to decide which applicants we will schedule for interviews here.  I have to keep in mind the same thing that I tell my clients - the resume is NOT the person; it's just a piece of paper.

I love the advice in this article telling us not to judge someone if you don't know their story.  It's so important to me for clients to realize that by the time we refer someone for an opening, we have met that candidate and we DO know their story!  A big benefit of using us to identify someone for your office is that you are not working from a resume but from first-hand knowledge of a real, live person.  If you are the real, live person you also benefit from having an advocate for why you should be considered.

Melissa Ottavi, Certified Staffing Professional

Silver Medal Candidates

A recent Wall Street Journal article does a wonderful job of describing our efforts to highlight viable candidates who might not be on the top step of the podium.  While everyone loves a winner, employers are beginning to realize that in a tight labor market there are winners in the silver medal and even bronze medal candidates.

Where you might have previously passed on a candidate who looked like an 80% match, to stay competitive and fill seats you are wise to take two different looks at such a competitor:  First, could you realistically commit to some training that would not only produce a more effective worker but would have the additional benefit of creating loyalty?  Secondly, could you look elsewhere in your organization to see if there is another role where the candidate could benefit your bottom line?

This kind of thinking isn't just for the Olympics, as the article's author states. Let's watch those wonderful sporting events and apply what we learn not just to our personal lives but to our business setting as well.

Melissa Ottavi, Certified Staffing Professional


It doesn't happen here very often, but we got a new team member!  And not just any team member but a second-generation one...  

Katie Rhoade, a graduate of Bethel College with a Business degree, joined my staff in January.  If her name is a little bit familiar to you, it might be because she has done many summer assignments for us over the years (for some of you reading this); and she is the daughter of Personnel Partners'  founder Joan Rhoade.  Katie had already been out working in the community in a full-time capacity, but circumstances came together in a  unique way that made it obvious she should join the company now.

There will be no silver spoon for this one; in addition to seeing the other side as a temporary employee, Katie will start here in a support position called Office & Placement Administrator.  In that role, she will assist with nearly everything that we do.  You will talk to her regularly as she handles scheduling, payroll, and recruiting while managing the phones here.  We know she will make us super fast and efficient with her millennial skills.

Margaret Burns, CSP, Area Manager

"One and Done" Hiring

Like you and your HR department, I spend a great deal of my week hiring employees and constantly looking for the best possible methods to do so.   I recently read an article stating that over half of hiring managers have "little or no confidence" in application and resume reviews, even though they still try to make decisions on which applicants to consider based on both.  I can empathize.  Not surprisingly, the two preferred methods of screening were meeting someone in person and being able to perform skills assessments. (You can read that article yourself here.)

The article was not written to promote staffing services in any way but wow, did I love the way it leads to this obvious fact:  You could drastically cut your hiring time and improve your odds of success if you jumped straight to a candidate who was already both interviewed and tested.

That's what we provide!  I am passionate about getting clients to understand and trust the value of the screening that is already done when you meet a candidate we refer to you.  In case you need more motivation than just my words, I've created a chance for you to get the first day free on a job order filled using this special deal:  One & Done.

Margaret Burns, Area Manager

If You Could See What I See

When I started in this business, I was famous for ringing a cowbell to show the excitement of a great job order.  These days, I would sometimes like to ring that bell when I interview a great candidate instead.  It takes a lot of digging to find the best gems!

We eliminate many poor applications immediately and some additional candidates after interviewing them, so it's fair to say that everyone made Active in our files is a viable candidate for a client somewhere.  The skills testing available to me backs up my natural pickiness about who is suited to what.  If you could see what I see in the file of every Active candidate, you would understand both my enthusiasm and logic when I make a referral to you.

Looking forward to doing the first round of your interviewing and providing facts and recommendations like this one!  Click here to get me started.

Melissa Ottavi, Certified Staffing Professional

Help Me Get You the "Yes"

My team sometimes hears me spout a famous Jerry Maguire movie line while working on a job order - "Help me help you!"  I take a lot of pride in choosing referrals for you who are the right match because I know both parties so well.  But we both know that is only half the battle these days - we need to get that good candidate to say "Yes" to your job offer or temporary assignment. 

When we take a job order, we ask you to identify some selling points for working at your organization.  Successful matches happen not only because the right person with the right skill set came along at the right time, but because that person understands what you are about and wants to be a part of it.  We use the knowledge of your company goals and mission to make the best referrals possible, knowing that sometimes the cultural fit is even more important than the skills or experience.

There is one more part of the hiring process where it matters what you share with the new employee.  To help things get started on the right foot on the very first day of a job, we created an Orientation Checklist for our clients' use.  Both clients and employees who have gone through this checklist together have given it rave reviews.  You can see that checklist here.

And by the way, a selling point for working for me is surely the entertainment value of my talking-to-myself-out-loud habits!  We try to keep it fun around here.

Margaret Burns, Area Manager