The Art of the Referral


What if every candidate you met was a referral?  

That's literally what happens when you put your job order in our hands.  We know both parties well and have every reason to believe that the match between you and our candidate will be a thing of beauty.  Here's why we call it an art:



A resume may look pretty, but it doesn't walk, talk or demonstrate the skills listed on it.

The art of office talent is personally meeting and screening the person behind the pretty resume.  When we refer a candidate to you, we have seen that person for at least 90 minutes (in our office) and evaluated their test results.  A candidate from Personnel Partners is a referral we know well.

Abstract Art.jpg


It doesn't always make sense when you look at it.  Sometimes you need to have it explained.

The art of office talent is being able to see the beauty in a candidate you might have overlooked.  We look long and hard, imagining how that person will look in your opening.  When we refer someone to you, we don't mind explaining our vision so your eyes will light up too. 

Contemporary Art.jpg


All about "now", contemporary workers have their own style.    They care about the work environment, flexibility, and being a part of something worthwhile.

Flexibility is staffing's middle name.  Today's worker is attracted to temporary work, temp-to-hire options, and the right fit with your office culture.  The art of office talent is to welcome something new, and both our staff and our candidates love that about this business.